Our main service

Company Vision

Your beloved pet(s) are an important member of our family and we acknowledge the joy of travelling with pets beyond Hong Kong. We understand and commit to allowing your pets to play freely in pet-friendly natural environments, visiting pet-themed hotels as well as attractions.

From our experiences, we hope to provide greater exposure for pet owners and share these experiences with the wider population alike. “Pet Holiday” provides programs to create customized pleasant experiences for each pet owner and their beloved pets.

The owner recommended travel packages are offered from first-hand experiences. Tips, information and news from our adventurous customers exploring the latest travelling trends will ensure your pet travel freely and happily at ease.

In addition, we are involved with local charity activities related to animal welfare and have sponsored projects such as “Cash and Family” and “Guide Dog Guide” as our contribution back to society.

Transparent Pricing

“Pet Holiday” program offers competitive and transparent pricing schemes. Owners are free to select from a range of services available according to your pet’s needs providing endless opportunities as well as cost savings for owners and pets to travel abroad.

Our Team

Consultant – Fanny Liang

Having years of experience in traveling around the world with pets, as a pet owner, she understands and very familiar with the needs of pets and pet owners. As a pet lover also with her considerate personality, she is the perfect candidate to be our consultant, to help Pet Holidays executing our motto “Pets, Family, all by yourside”. We have the honour to invite Ms. Leung to join us, she will personally experiences all of our services as a pet owner, and give us advices to help us improve and envolve, help us design and arrange a more pleasant and even better journey for you and your pets.

Veterinary Consultants Comfort Veterinary Clinic Team

The veterinary team has rich clinical experiences, their services are proven to be meticulous and reliable and includes professional physical examination and immunization services.

Immigration consultant

Our professional pet immigration services team has at least 8 years of industry experience and have been responsible for handling over 500 inbound and outbound immigration/tourism pet cases.

Travel BUDDY

Professional consultants relay their personal travel experiences with their own pets and provides thorough and efficient service to your needs. Our consultants will customize each individual itinerary before departure, ensuring that both owners and pets will feel at ease and enjoy every moment of their travel journey.

Professional trainer

DOGGER Training Director

  • Experienced trainer providing customized services to many celebrities.
  • Experienced “Dog Behavior” lecturer for many government agencies
  • Experienced industry speaker at many primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong
  • Guest starred in the PETGAZINE show on NOW TV.
  • A well experienced professional with in depth knowledge of the characteristics of various types of breeds. From their vast professional experiences, provides behavioral advice, consultations and behavioral training before the travel journey.